4 Things You Need to Ask Your Commercial Roofer About

Finding help can be difficult, especially when you need help with something you aren’t familiar with. When you’re running a business or managing a building, there’s nothing more worrisome than finding out that you have a problem with your roof. You know that repairs need to be done as quickly as possible in order to try to reduce the amount of damage you already have, and you know that you’re going to need to spend a considerable amount of money to get everything done.

Finding good commercial roofers doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and you don’t have to be an expert in construction. As long as you ask the right questions when you’re hiring your roofer, you’ll be able to find what you need. Don’t panic when you start to notice discolored spots, missing shingles, or leaks. Take a deep breath, and remember to ask about these things when you need commercial roofing in Hawaii.


Before you ask about warranties, you need to know what your warranty actually does. The warranty isn’t some kind of expiration date on your roof; it’s just there to make sure that you’ll be able to have some compensation in case something is wrong with the roofing material. The kind of warranty you want on the roofing materials is up to you. Some people are willing to pay more money for materials if they have a lengthy warranty, and others just want the work done and aren’t too concerned about it.



There are quite a few people that moved to Hawaii because of the state’s legendary tropical climate, but the weather can affect a lot more than your mood. Frequent rain showers, high winds, occasional cyclones and hurricanes, and other types of weather can drastically affect your roof. Don’t just choose your roofing material for purely aesthetic reasons; make sure that you take the weather into consideration. When you’re getting repairs done, be sure to ask what kind of roofing material is recommended for your environment.


Ventilation is something people usually don’t think about until they have a problem with it. If you want the building to be as comfortable as possible, take ventilation into consideration when you get your roofing repairs done. If you’re thinking about updating your HVAC system, make sure that you let your contractor know. You may want to leave space for new vents or future duct work.

Any questions you may have

Do you want to know what happens to the construction process in the event of inclement weather? Do you want to know about extra charges if construction takes longer than you previously expected? Do you want to know about the previous work that the company has performed? When you’re getting commercial roofing work done, it isn’t a good time to be shy. If you have any questions about the construction and repair process, make sure that you ask them. Don’t worry that your questions seem strange or obvious—having a little extra clarification can ensure that you’ll be happy with the work.

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