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Roof of Commercial Building Due to our expertise and quality craftsmanship, Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing is now one of the leading commercial roofing companies in Hawaii. Over the years, we’ve worked hard and have formed relationships that have led to continued business with hundreds of our clients. This has caused us to become well-established in the Honolulu area as the go-to business for commercial and residential roofing contractors.

Closer View of Commercial Building Roof Our rising popularity also stems from the excellent record we have for serving major organizations throughout Hawaii. Some of our longtime clients include the Hawaii Agricultural Research Center, the Honolulu Academy of the Arts, and numerous popular radio stations through the area.

For the Honolulu Academy of the Arts, we have provided our roof repair services for the past seven years. Through our regularly scheduled maintenance program, we have complete roof cleaning, full repairs and tile replacement for the academy’s buildings. As a result of this, we’ve help keep the Honolulu Academy in optimal structural shape and successfully protected their most valuable artifacts from the elements.

At Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing, we have the expertise to know when old roofs should be repaired and when new ones need to be installed. We’ll work with you to establish a maintenance and review schedule that will help you ensure that your property remains in the best condition. We can remind you when you should repair your roof so you can avoid the expenses that come from property neglect. This will allow you to avoid scenarios in which minor natural damage turns into major property destruction.

Image of Roof TerraceImage of Academy Art Center Roofing

Preventative maintenance can almost double the lifespan of your roof. Schedule a periodic inspection and get the most out of your investment. During our inspections we do the following procedures:

  • Document each inspection (roof plan, inspection forms, and photo documentation). Each roof inspector carries a digital camera with which to document the conditions. Heritage Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii uses these digital photos with their inspection reports.
  • Perform infrared testing as needed to provide thermal energy reports that identify moisture within a roof system
  • Remove all debris and clean gutters, leaders and drains
  • Make minor roof repairs at the time of inspection.
  • Provide estimates for roof repairs (or replacement if necessary). Offer more than one solution on the most energy efficient roofing systems available.
  • Comply with and document compliance with the maintenance requirements of any roofing system manufacturer warranties that may still be in effect.

Image of Physical Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial Roofing Specialties

In addition to our thorough inspection procedures, we also have the experience and knowledge necessary to install various kinds of roofing systems based on our clients’ needs. Although we have completed countless commercial roofing projects in Honolulu, there are three general roof types that we see time and time again. These have turned into our specialties and they are as follows:

Metal Roofs

These sturdy roofs, while initially more expensive than some other alternatives, are an excellent investment. They can last a lifetime, compared to the 10 to 20 year lifespans of other materials. metal roofs can also come in many different looks, are energy efficient, and can even lower your homeowner’s insurance by 35% in some situations.

Single Ply Membrane

These cool roofs are popular for their ability to reflect UV light. In Hawaii especially, this is highly desirable because of they help reduce energy consumption. In addition to this excellent quality, single ply membranes are also resistant to fire and chemicals while being simultaneously lightweight. This makes them great for construction projects of all sizes and shapes.

Torch Down Roofing

If your property has a flat roof, there’s a good chance you have torch down roofing. In these roofing systems, asphalt is the primary material used and it tends to last upwards of 20 years without having to undergo major repairs. Their biggest advantage is that they’ll reduce problems with leaking after heavy rains. While older flat roofs can have drainage problems, torch down roofing ensures that the water dries out on the roof without draining into the interior of the building.

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