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Roof repairs and the kinds of roofs in Hawaii

Whenever there is a leak in a roof, it can cause frustration, cause damage and cost more than you would like to pay. Heritage Roofing and Waterproofing can ease the stress and costs of repairing a leaking roof. Our professional and licensed employees can fix your problem in no time. The added peace of mind with our fully covered insurance and in most cases, with commercial jobs bonded, keeps your nerves calm. Knowing that our company keeps safety in mind, you don’t have to take the risk of hiring an unlicensed contractor.

On pitched roofs, you can install many different types of roofing materials like shingles, wood shakes, monier tiles, clay tiles, or metal roofs.

On flat roofs, you can install modified bitumen, Single ply membranes, EPDM or especially now in Hawaii Elastomeric acrylic waterproof coatings – which work outstanding if installed correctly.

There are many different types of asphalt shingle roofs ranging from 30 to 50 years, or even some high-end shingles like presidential, Grand manors, or carriage house that carry even longer warranties. All have their own pros and cons to them. 30 year shingles for example are not as expensive and work very well but the wind rating and the thickness of the materials are different than a 50 year shingle.

An asphalt shingle is probably the most popular and least expensive way to replace your roof here in Hawaii without it costing a fortune. But some homeowners are not as lucky because they may live in an area where they have to install shakes or tiles. These types of roofing systems tend to be very costly. Wood shake roofs are excellent for cooling and keeping the temperatures down like cool roofs , but the prices of treated heavy wood shakes have risen dramatically over the years due to deforestation.

Hawaii Roof Repair photo

Hawaii Roof Leak Repair photo

On that note, one thing that must be considered if you’re installing a tile roof system is the removal of broken tiles. Tile roofs for homeowners can be very confusing because the tile is not what protects the roof; it is the underlayment underneath. Here in Hawaii, the weather can sometimes be very hot and dry for long periods of time, so when it starts to rain, leaks occur. If you are going to get a tile repair, don’t let the contractor you hire caulk your broken tiles; it’s a waste of time and your money. Once a leak is spotted on a tile roof, the tiles must be removed. Some owners like to install tile roofs because they look nice and they can help add a lot of value to the home if you decided to sell.

There are also many types of metal roofs. The most important factor in the metal roof is to go with standing seam with a non-exposed fastener. Metal corrugated roofs are usually screwed down with fasteners with the little o ring washers that tend to rot away over time due to the weather elements. Rotted o ring washers can cause a roof leak. If you’re looking for an extra bonus, at least for a limited time, there are energy rebates to help in the installation costs.

Now let’s discuss flat roofs because there are so many of them here in Hawaii. First, if the contractor you hire offers a warranty without a maintenance plan, you are going to be in trouble. My personal choice for roof leak repair would be first a modified torch down roofing system. It is cost-effective and a lighter material, which translates to less wear and tear. This material is also easy to repair and maintain and can be Waterproofed with an acrylic elastomeric or full fabric cool roof system, which works great here in Hawaii.

Although pitch and gravel roofs have been the long-standing traditional way for roofing systems, they are slowly becoming extinct. The material is heavy and is difficult to maintain. Repairs can sometimes be almost impossible. In most cases depending on the roof substrate and if there was any moisture penetration underneath the layers of tar and felt, most companies in Hawaii will scrap off the gravel down to a smooth surface and install some type of acrylic full fabric polyester roof coating like Hydro stop.

Finally, another option is the foam flat roof, which I personally am not crazy about either because many times I have gone on roof repairs in here in Hawaii where birds bring their meal down to the cushy rooftop and start to peck away, leaving nice little unseen holes that reveal themselves to the owners after the next rainstorm. Because it is like a sponge texture it retains water and makes locating a leak difficult, unless you locate it with an infrared camera to locate the moisture.

Single ply membranes are excellent for many reasons they are easily installed there is not a lot of messy clean up and the maintenance can be done over the years fairly easy. Think about this??? Most owners whether they have a home or a commercial property will spend a lot of money on their roof if they have to replace it. Just like when you buy a car it come with a warranty but you need a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to keep it running for a long time with no problems. The same goes for your roof. In my opinion, flat roofs need to have a checkup or an inspection at least every one to two years. With shingle roofs can go about five years before it’s time for an inspection. It is very important to maintain the life of your roof so you can get the most out of it. After all, home and office buildings are a person’s most important assets.

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