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Flat Roofing by Heritage

Are you in need of roof leak repair in Hawaii? Are you tired of shoddy jobs? Heritage Roofing and Waterproofing Inc. is the leading commercial and residential roofing contractor in Hawaii. With years of experience in roof repair and replacement, we know exactly how to fix or install your roof the right way – quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Benefits of Flat Roofing

No matter where you are in Hawaii, a flat roof can be immensely beneficial to your property. Heritage Roofing and Waterproofing can provide you with high-quality flat roofing at a reasonable cost. Here are some of the benefits of flat roofing for your home or business.

  • Flat roofs are becoming more and more popular as a method of utilizing space. Unlike pitched or sloped roofs, flat roofs can be used as a means to expand the square-footage of a given building. Due to the un-sloped shape, flat roofs can act as a foundation for adding stories to a residence or commercial property without impinging on surrounding land. Flat roofing is often used as a setting for luxury features, like an outdoor sitting area or a rooftop garden. Moreover, take advantage of the near-constant sunshine in Hawaii by installing solar panels to the flat roof of your home or office building. These things can add value to your home while expanding your utilization possibilities.
  • The relative stability of the temperature in Hawaii makes flat roofing idea; there is less danger of leakage as a result of expansion and contraction of the building with weather changes, and the roof makes are exceptionally resistant to water damage. Also, waterproofing membranes applied to flat roofs prevent moss growth, which further expands the lifespan of flat roofs.
  • When kept properly maintained, flat roofs last longer than sloped or pitched roofs. Maintenance involves small leak repair and removing standing water after a storm, keeping gutters clear of debris, and semi-annual inspections. The average lifespan of a well-maintained flat roof can range into the 20 to 30 year range, but 10 years is an acceptable average for keeping a flat roof in good condition, which makes flat roofs a fantastic investment. Save money on roof repair services as time goes on.


Allow the experts at Heritage Roofing to assist you with improving your property and extending the life of your roof. Flat roofing is incredibly efficient on a number of levels, and our specialists can install the perfect flat roof for your residential or commercial building.

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