Asphalt VS. Silicone: Which One is Best for Your Roof?

Man Repairing RoofAre you in the process of having your roof repaired or replaced? If so, you may find yourself asking a ton of questions including, “Which material is the best for my roof?” There are tons of materials to choose from for your roof including asphalt, silicone, slate, wood, clay tiles, aluminum, and more. If you’re living in Hawaii or another tropical area, we highly recommend choosing between Asphalt or Silicone. Both of these materials were highlighted in our new e-Book. Here is a break-down comparison of Asphalt and Silicone to help you choose between the two.

Solar Energy

  • Asphalt shingles are known for reflecting solar energy away from the home, rather than absorbing it. This will help to keep your home cooler during the warmer months of summer. If you decide to go with the asphalt shingles, opt for the cool roof asphalt shingles as they offer the most solar reflectivity of any asphalt shingles.
  • Silicone shingles also reflect UV rays away from the home. They work in a very similar manner to the asphalt shingles and will help to keep your home cool without having to increase your energy usage through air conditioning and other cooling devices.

Winner: Because both asphalt shingles and silicone shingles work in a similar way to reflect solar energy and UV radiation away from the home, it’s a tie. If choosing a roofing material to keep your home cool in the summer is your primary concern, either one of these materials will work well.

Eco-Friendliness and Energy Efficiency

  • Asphalt shingles are known to be twice as effective at keeping the home cool in a shorter time span than most traditional energy-star certified roofing materials, meaning you can have up to twice the amount of savings on your energy bill. You may also receive bonus points from green organizations including LEED, NAHB, and other programs.
  • Silicone shingles are also great for conserving energy. They will keep your home cooler than most other roofs, which allows you to cut back on your energy use through cooling devices.

Winner: With the ability to not only cut down on your energy usage, but to give back more rewards through green programs, the asphalt shingles are the winner here. While both the asphalt shingles and the silicone ones are known for being energy efficient and eco-friendly, the asphalt ones are among the best even beating out most other energy-star certified roofs. If having the most eco-friendly roof that will allow you to cut your energy bill in half is your priority, opt for the asphalt shingles.


  • While asphalt shingles are almost always available exclusively in white, any asphalt shingles offered by Solaris are available in several different colors. You will have the freedom to choose any color to meet your home’s décor.
  • Silicone shingles can also come in several different colors. What’s more, they offer protection against mildew, dirt, and staining. This gives them an advantage that promises they will look great for many years to come.

Winner: Silicone wins this round due to their resistance to mildew, dirt, and staining. However, both are excellent options as they allow creativity and freedom in your home’s décor.


  • While an asphalt roof will be well-made and built to last, their primary focus is on being more economical and energy efficient. However, its reflection of solar energy will help protect it from sun damage, which may make it last longer than other roofs.
  • Silicone shingles are known for being extremely durable. These shingles are resistant to damage caused by nature such as sunlight, ozone, rain, snow, and temperature extremity. They also often come with a 50-year warranty, so it should last you for life.

Winner: Silicone wins again. If you’re in need of roofing in Hawaii, chances are you’re located in an area that will be the target of many tropical storms and harsh weather conditions. It will pay to choose a roof that is known for its extreme durability and you can’t go wrong with silicone.

And the winner is…

If you’ve been keeping score then you’re probably expecting me to announce silicone as the winning roof material. However, in reality, it’s a tie. Here’s why: choosing the best roofing material depends on your own personal, individualized needs. While silicone wins in the categories of aesthetic value and durability, asphalt is a better solution for those looking for the most eco-friendly roofing solution. If you’re ever unsure of which roofing material to get, talk to your roofing company or contractor. Discuss what your goals are for your roofing project as well as the climate and weather conditions of your area. They can help you to choose the perfect roofing materials for your needs.

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